Simply Whole

Essential Oils

Alonna Bradshaw


I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in January 2016, by a friend that I had worked with several years earlier. She had read a post on my face book page and noticed that I was going through several health issues and had also recently lost my job. She messaged me and asked if she could send me some oils to help try to keep me relaxed during an upcoming surgery. I was VERY skeptical but thought, "why not." Within a few days of using them, I was hooked. Two weeks post-op, I ordered my Premium Starter Kit. I just started sharing my story and experience, along with researching everything I could about Young Living and their products. From that moment on, I knew my life would be different. I no longer depended on someone else to make me feel better, but depended on the knowledge that I had gained to start improving my own health. Eleven months later, I can say that I have never felt better physically, emotionally or spiritually. Young Living has changed the way my family lives so dramatically and so much for the better. Just to look back one year ago to our habits and how much things have changed in our daily lives is so empowering and to know that I can help others make that change is so awesome!          717-701-3221