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Karin Blackstone


Hello, my name is Karin Ursula Blackstone. I retired from Hollister Inc. in Stuart's Draft in 2014.  I held several positions in the management group over the past 20+ years of my employment. The work was very rewarding because we produced medical devices which helped people deal with health situations that would have been lifestyle limiting after cancer diagnoses.

I have always been intrigued by the use of alternative medicine. For me and my immediate family, it was never a question when given a choice between using a natural product versus using a chemically manufactured product. I grew up in Germany where still to this day, the first line of defense for a healthy life is the use of homeopathic  and natural products.  

My educational training with natural therapies includes Reflexology, Energy Healing and Aroma Therapy.  Recently, I was looking to support my digestive system and I found myself researching and using Essential Oils again. The results reignited my interest and led me to pursue the use of these oils again as a method of of well being.

My research concluded that Young Living Essential Oils are the best on the market and I recommend them to those desiring a lifelong wellness solution that meets their individual needs. Please contact me so that I may  assist you with the selection of products for your needs.

I wish you the best of health!     540-256-1479