Simply Whole

Essential Oils

Cali Calleja


Hey everyone! I was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area and currently reside here. My journey started somewhere back in 2013 when I first wanted to try, and use natural (chemical free) options in our everyday lives, but as we all know it can be expensive. I started researching from DIY homemade products to the natural herbs category. I noticed that some of the ingredients were essential oils.

The craziest thing happened next as I began my research on essential oils. My best friend, Nadine introduced me to Young Living! I could tell there was a difference right away and knew that was my confirmation from God. Not too long after that I became a member.

Now here I am a member as of May 2016. My husband and our five children are all in love with the products, and noticed a difference! I am excited that I have found my home and a way to live a healthier lifestyle. It would not be caring of me not to share! It’s a blessing to be a part of this team and I would love for you to join!     813-863-4387