Simply Whole

Essential Oils

Jim and Cindy Foege


Jim and I have a primary life principle to "lean in," depending on God to lead us, knowing that He will never let go of us. God is our "managing partner" and with Him in charge, it's easier to trust that every challenge and obstacle is nothing but a disguised opportunity to glorify Him with our trust.

Young Living represents so many things to us … it’s wellness beyond understanding, it’s peace beyond conflict, it’s life beyond inertia but mostly it’s opportunity and freedom for wellness, purpose and abundance beyond limits. It’s a company that feels more like a family who cares deeply about people, community and our world.

We are so excited to be in partnership with Young Living and want to do everything we can to share the blessings that God has given us with these essential oils and harsh-chemical-free products. Come along with us and let’s work together to achieve all of our health and lifestyle goals!          434-981-6683