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Essential Oils



Welcome to Construct, Simply Whole's training for our members who want to launch their own Young Living businesses. This is a self-paced & interactive training, complete with audio files, videos, pdfs, quizzes, and thought questions. We have harnessed many years of experience from multiple network marketing leaders to bring you excellent resources to learn about the various topics you need to know to launch your business.

The training is password protected because we want you to be able to work closely with your Sponsor or other leader as you go through this process. Young Living is a product and people-focused company, so here are some things that will make you an ideal candidate for participation:

  •  You are on Essential Rewards
  •  You love your oils and oil-infused products
  •  You have established a daily regimen of using oils for optimal health
  •  You have read Monique McLean's Circle of Success booklet. Contact your leader to help you get a copy of this quick read.

If you do not know who your support is, you can log in to your Virtual Office and click "My Account" on the left. Then, find "My Profile." There, you will see your Enroller. Check in with your Enroller first. If your immediate Upline is not currently building a business, rest assured someone in Simply Whole wants to help you succeed. You can find your Leaders listed in "My Profile" and should never hesitate to contact them.

Module I: Foundation

Policies & Procedures, FDA Compliance, Compensation Plan, Faith, Your Why, Circle of Success

Module II: Structure

Legs & Strategic Placement, Creating a Shareable Link, Virtual Office, Taxes, Branding

Module III: Utilities

Member-Focused Sharing, Duplication, Social Media, 101 Classes, Heart-Centered Sharing, KISSED Presentations, Closing a Presentation, Graphics & Facebook Events, Lifestyle Sharing, DIYs, Reference Books, Care Calls, Now What Classes, Speed Oiling, Facebook Groups, Zyto Scans

Module IV: Finishing Touches

Investing Back, Promotions, Recognition, Business Tools, Income-Producing Activities, Goals, Planning, Oola, Leadership