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Melanie Fauber


I'm Melanie. I'm married to Jason Fauber and a mother to four beautiful children. My journey to making healthier choices for my family began after the birth of our first daughter in 2008. In 2009, I took classes and training to become a doula as birth has always been my passion and I wanted to empower families to have all the options available to them to make the best choice. This is where I met Jenny McManus who would become a longtime friend. Keeping an open mind and doing research, I truly felt our family could be living healthier lives. Through the years we slowly started making better food choices and replacing items that were healthier options.

Fast forward to 2014 when my oldest was now attending school and we were having a new baby. I knew I wanted to help strengthen our bodies and eliminate even more toxins and really weed through our cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and other cabinets in our home. I purchased my premium starter kit a month before my son was due, back when the original Valor was a part of the starter kits. I immediately jumped in and startedreading refrence materials, diffusing oils, and applying them. I took all my oils with me to the birth of our son and Valor was a HUGE emotional support for me. I'd put a drop on my hand and inhaled during each contraction. We loved how much it helped support me during labor, and the meaning behind the name Valor, that we changed his name the moment he was born and his middle name is Valor! This was a HUGE moment for myself and my husband and we haven't looked back.

We now have eliminated all cleaners in our home and use only the Thieves cleaner, goodbye toxins! We have cleaned up our cosmetic cabinet, including soaps, lotions, shampoos and use products that contain simple ingredients and the power of EO's. We've cleaned up the other bathroom cabinets and we've recently changed our laundry detergent, dish soaps, protein shakes and supplements. We've completely changed our lifestyle through the years and I now know that every step along the way has lead me to Young Living, and this moment. Helping my family become happier and healthier and continuing to empower families to do the same thing, one step at a time!