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Essential Oils

Getting Your Oils Free


Every one of us have friends and family who need these oils in their life. Maybe they have trouble sleeping? Maybe they have asthma due to the toxic cleaning supplies they use? Of course, buying one of the Premium Starter Kits is the best way to get started and having the whole kit will give them the best chance at success. Trust us - your friends and family should definitely be doing Young Living with you!

You don’t have to have a business to earn “Thank You” checks for sharing. All you need is your own 50PV order in the month your friends enroll and Young Living will send you a $50 bonus for one the following month around the 18th! Who else is thinking this?  -- Sharing with one friend per month means your Essential Rewards order is FREE!

Here’s a video you can give your friend to help him/her set up an account. Be sure to give them your Member ID or use this link to create yourself an auto-populated link.

Don’t forget to add your new member to our Simply Whole Facebook group! This is a members-only group, so you’ll want them to join with you first. Contact your upline to find out how to get an $11 reference book for your new member, too.   Keep reading and we’re going to give you what you need to make sharing SUPER easy.


Essential Sharing

Have friends curious about your oils? So excited about how your oils are working that you can't keep it to yourself? This series of short videos is just for you! You will learn why we all share, how easy it is to share, and why our culture with Young Living is so different than anything else!

YL Share

Young Living has an app to make learning and sharing even easier!  Go download it at the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. You will be able to click and share about Young Living directly from the app to your friends who have questions!

The Essentials Booklet


This booklet is for Simply Whole members to use in order to help bring new members to our team.

Please: Send the link via text, PM, or email; Do not post the link on your facebook wall.

Please: Keep the book as-is; Do not screen shot or edit the graphics in any way.

This booklet is ideal for:

  • Your friends who cannot make it to a class or one-on-one. Your long distance friends. 

  • Your cold market contacts you meet in public who want more info. 

  • Your new members so they can start sharing before their kit even arrives! 

  • A script to teach a class or to use as a guide in a one-on-one.


“If I, would you” -- “If I send you a booklet to teach you about oils, would you have a chance to read it within the next couple days?” [Sure!] “Is it okay if I check back in with you [Thursday evening] to see what you thought of it?”

(The above script is great anytime you provide a prospect with anything! Samples, anything!)