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Essential Oils

Kathryne Haviland


Hey y'all, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I started my journey with Young Living. I live in Bergton Virginia with my husband Andy and our three children. We operate a sheep and cattle farm, with a few pigs, chickens and dogs thrown in the mix. I worked as a registered nurse for 8 years before coming home in the Spring of 2014 to be a stay at home mom and help on our farm.

Living on a farm we have the ability to have a large garden and we can and preserve as much as our own fruits and vegetables as possible, we also butcher as much of our own meats as we are able. I love to sit down to a meal and KNOW exactly where our food came from. I began to want that same feeling for other aspects of our lives. So I began to research how to make our own cleaning products and detergents. This is when I first became introduced to essential oils and heard about Young Living. At this same time during the Spring of 2015 my youngest son who was 2 at the time had spent the winter and spring catching every little cold bug that came his way ending up with him spending 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia. When he was discharged I was told that he most likely would more susceptible to viruses in the coming months. This was extremely daunting!! It was at this time that I had two different friends share with me how they had been using Young Living essential oils to support their families health and wellness, I was blown away hearing their stories! I already knew essential oils were great in your laundry detergent but I had know idea the potential they held! I purchased my kit in April of 2015. It took me a few months to really become comfortable with my oils but once I did I have never looked back!

As a family we have totally embraced the blessing that the essential oils have been to us in every aspect of our lives. Once I realized what the oils were doing for us I could not keep it to myself! I have found a passion for teaching and sharing with others all I have learned. We are so excited to move into the future with Wellness, Purpose and Abundance!!