Simply Whole

Essential Oils

Ryan and Jenny McManus


Hi!  We live in Staunton, Virginia, where we homeschool our children, Ashton, Quinn, and Eden.  Our search for natural, chemical-free options began with the birth of our first son. Ryan has always been passionate about technology and before Young Living, Jenny enjoyed helping new parents with her Simply Whole childbirth classes.  We have always felt strongly that God gives us the tools we need to stay healthy, educate ourselves, and to take care of our own families, from the moment of birth.  Young Living has been a perfect extension of that, and we believe He has been leading us to this point all along.

Our journey with Young Living began in December 2013.  We had always used aromatic-grade oils on our cloth diapers or for cleaning the house, but Jenny knew something was different the first time she smelled Thieves at Megan Collier’s house.  Now, you must know, Jenny is a bit of a germ-a-phobe, and with winter season upon us, she knew Thieves was right up her alley to keep the family healthy.  Our local chiropractor, Andrew Dodge, was retailing oils in his office, but was not involved in building a Young Living business.  Jenny immediately began her research, as some of you might have guessed.  For the previous 8 years, Ryan had worked out of town Monday through Friday and finances remained tight.  Buying oils at retail price was not an option, so she started to look for other options. She discovered the Premium Starter Kit and asked Nicole for Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic’s Member ID so she could enter that in the box.  

Our oils weren’t used very much because we had a very difficult winter and it became evident that we needed to find new employment for Ryan so that he could be at home.  In March, when we got a reference book and learned more about their full potential, we started to use our oils more and couldn’t help but tell others about them.  As friends gathered around and joined us on this journey, it became clear to Ryan first that Young Living could be God’s answer to our need to bring him home.  We both jumped in with both feet and it was a wild first year!  In November 2014, we obtained our Silver in Six rank and in December, Ryan took a local job doing IT for the local school system.  

We love how Young Living has allowed us to take responsibility for our own wellness as well as our finances.  We finally see hope of a different future for ourselves and our children.  We get to do what we love doing best, which is helping others achieve their own heath and financial goals.  We truly feel blessed by God to be able to work with this amazing Team! This journey is one of true Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.     540-241-5534