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Melissa Snow


How exciting that you're even reading my page. Truly, thank you! You're giving this momma of 8 some of your time, and I for one know how very valuable time can be. I'm very busy: home schooling, working with my church's youth group, leading a women's bible study, singing on the praise team, and starting my own non-profit amongst many other things. So... I truly get how your time is important, and I hope to be a blessing to you and your family through Young Living. One thing I know though, is that busy people get things done.

My choosing Young Living for a healthier life style and career happened because of a Facebook post I made. You see, 4 of my kids are Ethiopian and God laid on my heart to advocate and help the people of Ethiopia that I love so deeply. I'm the Founder and Director for Be There Ministries- aiding the destitute with not only physical needs, but spiritual as well. So my post was asking for help for a precious little girl who was suffering terribly with skin related issues. I wanted to bless her with clean products for her body that would assist in helping her to feel better. My Facebook messages blew up with the clean living, oily community wanting to donate to help. It was truly quite overwhelming! That spoke volumes to me on how generous and important their products were to them. So many hearts were moved to help, and that is definitely my kind of people.

I had been praying for over two years, as my friends can attest for something I could do from home. I wanted to help my family financially, be able to give more, and most importantly I needed something I could have complete peace about. Young Living truly is my answer to my prayers. I have many roles in life, but none, as great as they are were contributing to my health or my family's, nor were they helping our bank account. I'm grateful to have a career that truly is helping us to get healthier and provide more of an income as well.

The icing on the cake for me was when I found out that Young Living also has an entire line of skin care and color cosmetics. I taught skin care for many years and loved helping women learn to apply make-up. I'm excited to now be able to offer a product that not only helps you look good, because let's be real, you feel better when you look good, but that also truly benefits your skin. Mind blown here that foundation, and color cosmetics that give you an enhanced appearance can also be good for you. Have mercy!!!

So here I am learning and growing to keep my family healthy and be a blessing to others. I'm so excited to see people making better choices and choosing health for their families. Bless your heart for reading this far. I'm grateful you stuck with me. I love the ways Young Living has allowed so many to take charge of their health and financial situations. I'm very grateful for this amazing opportunity and I'm so looking forward to this journey of wellness, purpose, and blessings!!! Click below and you'll be taken to my page where you can choose to order safe products for you entire family at retail, or you can choose to order at a discount with the company and have an opportunity to make money if you choose. However, if you're like me buying at retail isn't happening, "this mom of many needs that discount". Please call or text me at the number below with any questions.

Thanks so much for giving me some of your time!