Simply Whole

Essential Oils

Mistie Fitzgerald


My journey toward essential oils began several years ago, I can see that looking back. Since becoming a mother, I've always felt that there had to be a better way, an alternate route to achieve our goals. Before I became a mom, I just went along with the flow of food choices and health choices. Honestly, my choices were not always healthy either! But all that changed when I was blessed with my children.  

You see we battled infertility for a LONG TIME. For 15 years we tried to have a family. So when our daughter arrived in 2007 nothing standard was good enough anymore. From Healthcare to food to sleeping and everything in between, I've constantly been searching for a better way. I often wonder how different it might have been if I'd known how to rid toxic chemicals from our home earlier! 

I actually met Jenny in 2009 in her Birth Circle classes. I was on a quest for a better birth option for my second blessing, my son! But it was several years later through a homeschool Co-op that I heard about Young Living Essential Oils. I felt God leading me to this as healthier lifestyle choice for our family. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Jenny as part of my upline support system! That truly is a God thing, to line events up like that! 

Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils have been a Godsend to us! We are experiencing freedom of choice and a level of wellness that we haven't since before my children started preschool! Best of all, my kids are learning they have choices they can make with their own health and their own families when they are grown! And as a bonus, I get to go on this oily journey with an amazing support system. This group of friends are so encouraging and supportive! Thank you Jenny and Ryan for all you do for Simply Whole! My Hope and prayer is that I can be of service and benefit to others like you have been to so many!         540-649-9410