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Essential Oils

Paige Kite


I started dabbling in essential oils in 2010 when a friend recommended eucalyptus to me. I picked it up at the health food store, but it didn’t seem to “work” (even after several persistent attempts), so I set it aside thinking that essential oils just weren’t for me!

Fast forward to 2012 or 2013 when I attended my first Young Living class at my chiropractor’s office. I was blown away by the claims! I needed those oils in my family’s lives! I purchased lavender, Thieves, and Thieves household cleaner over the next few months. I wasn’t consistent with using them though I did begin to see results! And, I absolutely loved cleaning my home effectively and chemical-free with the Thieves cleaner!

Then, in 2014, a dear friend told me about a wholesale kit that came with a diffuser, so I decided to take the plunge in May that year and opened my wholesale membership! The rest, as they say, is history! Our family sees results! Each time I see them “work,” they don’t cease to amaze me! I didn’t need to try other brands; other friends have tried them “for” me! They tell me that they come back to Young Living for results! They truly work better because the quality is unbeatable.

I began building my business immediately. In May 2015 I took the opportunity to go to the first ever Young Living Essential Oils & Animals conference at the Mona, Utah farm. (I have a special place in my heart for the horse; see image below for proof.) I heard such amazing stories and was so inspired!

(TIP: Use emotion-supporting oils with your animals. Do you love Stress Away? Release? Try it with your dog or your horse. You might be surprised at the results!)

I truly want everyone to experience these oils for themselves and decide if they are for you! If you are the least bit open to alternative options, you will want to try them and the household and personal care products! Our home is now 99% "ditched" of harmful chemicals and "switched" to heathy alternatives.

On the business side, I've experienced personal growth that I never thought was imaginable. Do you believe there's a better way to earn an independent living as part of a vibrant team where you feel true purpose? Contact me!

I live in Virginia with my little family and host essential oils classes each month.

Connect with me through Facebook at or give me a call/text.

I look forward to talking with you!

In gratitude and health,

~ Paige     540-466-4445