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Pam VanLear


Hello, my name is Pam - I live with my husband Dallas in Verona, VA with our two dogs - we have two grown sons with lives of their own - I started using Young Living Oils November 2015 because I wanted to see if there was anything to this "oil craze" - didn't really have time to do much with my kit until that next January - started out slowly at first, you know a little for sleep support etc - well that worked so I moved onto another oil for another issue - wasn't long before I realized I was finding myself reaching for an oil for an issue before I reached for a pill - I quickly became a believer and wanted to tell everyone around me about these oil - my passion is to help anybody that wants to have the same experience I have had and now even my hubby Dallas has had with these oils - I would be happy if I could drip oils on everyone around me.          540-294-0647