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Essential Oils

Tana Parker


Hello and thanks for stopping by!  I reside in Weyers Cave, Virginia with Mendy, the little pomeranian you see in the photo with me.

My full-time career is in the printing industry.  I have worked with RR Donnelley in many different capacities for over 30 years.  My current position is in the Billing Department.

I grew up not learning much about the importance of using natural products and having a healthy diet.  Back around 1999-2000, I learned while chatting with a co-worker friend of mine that she grew up in a large family, helped on their farm, helped in the kitchen and in the garden.  Therefore she knew a lot about nutrition and eating fresh foods from the garden.  Since we were good friends she felt comfortable to point out my unhealthy eating and the sodas I was drinking.  She was all about everything natural.  I had no clue and started to learn a few things from her.  After my interest was sparked, I began to research and through the years it’s been a continual journey of learning.  

In May of 2014, my daughter Tracy Davis hosted a class and Jenny McManus taught the class about Young Living essential oils.  When I first learned about essential oils at this class, I was very intrigued since they fit in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle.  It is hard to believe that it took me so many years to learn about all the wonderful things in nature God blessed us with such as these oils!  Especially when you realize oils are mentioned in the Bible more than 150 times.  I find it so fascinating and I believe you will too when you learn more about them.

I am now at the point I can envision the retirement years that will be here before I know it with the way time goes by so quickly.  I am blessed to have this business with Young Living as it will enable me to retire more comfortably when that time comes.  I am passionate about helping others achieve their health and/or financial goals with Young Living essential oils.  Let me know how I can help you!