Simply Whole

Essential Oils

Questions to ask your oil company:

  • Do you own your own farms?
  • Was your land previously treated with pesticides or herbicides?
  • Do you own GC-MS machines to ensure proper constituents are present and balanced?
  • Do you send oils to third party laboratories for testing?
  • If you purchase oils from other farms, do you visit those farms to ensure no chemicals are used?
  • Is there a laboratory present on every farm to be sure plants are harvested at the precise perfect moment?
  • Do you know how long plant material sits before it goes to the distiller?  Are distillers on-site?
  • Are your distillers trained in how to pack the cookers, maintain minimal pressure and heat, and monitor the process so that no constituents are lost?
  • Do your distillers use dome- or cone-shaped lids?  (Cone-shaped lids were developed by Gary Young and produce higher quality oil)
  • Do your suppliers ever use solvents in order to extract more oil from the plants?
  • What happens to batches that test as an inferior grade? Do you sell them?
  • Is anything ever taken away from or added to the oil as it is bottled from the distillery?