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Essential Oils

Shannon Rexrode


Hello, I live in Churchville, Virginia with my husband and our two dogs, Beanz & Mack.  Nearly two decades ago, I was introduced to Young Living Essential oils when my son Jake was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.  I used Panaway and many other oils to support his body and respiratory system. I also used them on myself for various reasons.  Funny enough, my mother Renee still has the original Panaway bottle that started it all.  Many years later, in August 2014, I was reintroduced to Young Living and their wonderful array of oils.  I like to spread oils and happiness everywhere I go, and can be quoted as constantly saying, “There’s an oil for that!”  People laugh and they grin, but nine times out of ten, they use the oil I recommended.  Even my son, who was annoyed at the fact of having an oil diffuser in his college dorm room, sent me a message the other day asking for noodles and a restock of oils, which just goes to show how essential they really are.  Introducing others to oils makes me smile, and I love being the person who can help someone find the perfect oil for anything!  If you would like to share this journey with us, join our team!