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Essential Oils

Malissa Yoder


Hello!  I was born in Norfolk, Va & moved to a small, rural town called Churchville, Va at the age of seven. It's name says it all.  There are like five churches all within walking distance of each other, with four of them practically side by side!  I've lived there for most of my growing up years until June, 2016.  My husband and I moved west to Sun City, Az, where you guessed it, the sun always shines! It's been a complete & drastic change that is exciting, fun & scary all at the same time! I'm enjoying this time of my life like never before!

We always had real food growing up.  Very little was bought in a grocery store.  We raised our own beef and pork, had fresh milk and eggs, and fresh veggies from the garden.  As I grew up, and went out on my own, I found myself going away from that early beginning of eating all natural and real foods.  My health suffered because of that. 

As I've matured,  I've realized how returning to the all natural lifestyle would be benefitting me.  So, I began researching in the fall of 2014, to see how to get started.  That is when I stumbled upon this concept of using essential oils.  I felt this was the way to go and using all natural foods and products would be just the beginning of finding health, wellness and abundance in my life.

My sponsor, Kristin Forsyth invited me to her first 101 class in January of 2015, and the rest as they say, is history.  I knew from that class that Young Living essential oils was the answer I was seeking.  It began an incredible change in my lifestyle and the changes began appearing very quickly.  It is so hard to believe how my health has improved, my overall way of looking at what I use everyday has changed, and how different things are for me and my family.  

I wouldn't change a thing. 

I love Young Living essential oils and I love to share that with everyone I meet.  It's hard to keep silent!  I am the first to announce to anyone who complains about a situation or feeling they are experiencing without saying "I have an oil for that!"     540-466-5972